Owino Market Online’s first priority is to ensure that our community remains safe for all members. We don’t allow the sale of anything illegal or dangerous. We also prohibit certain items at the request of our community. If we feel you’ve posted a banned item, we’ll ask you to take it down or remove it ourselves.

The list below details what can’t be posted on Owino Market Online in alphabetical order:Adult-only

  • Adult entertainment (like blue movies)
  • Adult toys or other erotic products

Animal parts

  • Including parts of protected species
  • Ivory
  • Note: taxidermy is fine, unless it’s a protected animal

Animal traps

  • Note: Fish traps and pony traps (which are actually carts) are permitted

Capital bonds
Cigarettes, cigars and related products

  • Loose tobacco
  • Electronic cigarette filters and e-liquids (with or without nicotine)
  • Note: Electronic cigarettes themselves and rolling papers are allowed

COVID-19 associated listings

  • Surgical and respiratory masks
  • Hand sanitizers and gels
  • Toilet tissues
  • Any listing that mentions COVID-19 or coronavirus in the title or description

Dangerous chemicals
Drugs and prescription goods

  • Illegal drugs
  • Legal highs
  • Prescription drugs/medicines
  • Steroids
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Items designed only to help someone take drugs
  • Contact lenses (because they’re prescription)
  • Note: Bongs and water pipes are allowed as long as they are for use with legal smoking activities and do not come with any tobacco or illegal substances.

Fake, replica, or unauthorised trademark items
Firearms, ammunition and equipment (even if they’re legal to buy)

  • Guns, including air guns, BB guns, replica guns, and paintball guns
  • Silencers
  • Ammunition, including ammo for paintball
  • Note: Paintball equipment not related to the gun (goggles, gloves etc.) are allowed
  • Hunting equipment
  • Note: Scopes, straps, and gun cabinets are allowed

Fireworks (of any kind)
Gambling machines

Personal information or mailing lists

  • Bulk emails, Internet Protocol (IP), instant messenger (IM), or mailing lists that contain names, addresses, phone numbers, or other personal info
  • Tools or software designed to send spam

Unlocked hardware and software

  • Copied games, DVDs, and computer software
  • Fully loaded Kodi, Android, and Amazon boxes
  • Games consoles
  • R4 cards (with or without the console)

Please Note: While this list is intended to be thorough, we reserve the right to remove any and all content that we feel is inappropriate for Owino Market Online or that interferes with the well-being of the community.