Sometimes old ads just needs a bit of a boost to get more exposure or the attention they deserves. The Bump Up feature is a one-time refresh of old ads, making them appear new. It pushes your ad from its current position (for example, page 5) back to the first page. Being on the top page means that your ad will gain better exposure in its category and searches.

Your ad will remain at the top until another Owino Market Online ad is posted or bumped up. As new ads are posted, it will begin to shift down. Due to this constant rotation of ads, a Bump Up won’t keep your ad on the front page indefinitely. But, in searches that use keywords or specific areas and categories, the effects of a Bump Up can last for a significant length of time.


  • The Bump Up feature will reset the post date of your ad; however, it won’t extend the life of your ad.
  • If you want your ad to stay at the top for a longer period of time, consider the Featured promotion.

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