Most experiences on Owino Market Online are safe and successful, especially when you follow our Stay Safe Advice. But sadly not everyone has honest intentions.

If you’re worried that your Owino Market Online trade has broken the law (maybe you suspect goods bought in good faith are stolen), or you’ve been the victim of cyber crime (perhaps you’ve had money stolen from your account with a phishing email), you need to report it. Use these steps to help you decide when to escalate your issue and who to tell.

Try the Seller One More Time

They might have a good reason for being slow to respond or send your item out. Tell them your concerns. If they’re genuine, you might resolve the situation quickly without involving the police.

Decided It’s Fishy? Report It Quickly

For goods you suspect are stolen: report it to your local police station or call 999.

  • Details of what’s happened, including names, addresses, dates and times
  • Details from the Owino Market Online trade, like the ad reference number, phone number and any emails you or they sent.

Next Steps

You’ll get a crime reference number and the authority you reported the crime to will get in touch to tell you what happens next.

If the police contact us for more information, we’ll do all we can to help.