Paid features are a premium option that users can apply to take their ads to the next level. We set feature prices depending on the type of feature you’re buying. We always strive to keep our prices affordable, but balanced. For example, if the price for Featured ads was set too low, there would be too many Featured ads in each section and new featured ads would have less visibility.

To determine feature prices after posting your ad:

  1. Log into your account and click on my listings, then click on promote.
  2. After select your preferred package and then click on proceed to payment.
  3. Fill that form and then place an order.
  4. You will be redirected than you page with your order number.
  5. Note: For us to be able to approve your payment, you have to provide to us with your order number.

Final Step: Keep your order number and after making the payments, send to us your order number and the number you have used to pay for the package on 0788507489 or 0704505645.

Note: Prices may change at any time.